Infrastructure, Environment & Agriculture

PADICO HOLDING’s investments in the infrastructure and environment sectors amounted to USD 47.90 million, representing 8% of the Company’s total investment portfolio at the end of 2014.

Below is a summary of the companies operating in the infrastructure, environment, and agriculture sectors

Company Accounting
Subscribed Capital
(USD million)
Percentage of Direct
and Indirect Ownership (%)
Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment  Affiliate  13.00 50.00
Palestine Electricity Company (PEC) Other 60.00 6.00
Palestine Power Generation Company Plc (PPGC) Affiliate 10.00 20.00
The Palestinian Recycling Company (TADWEER) Subsidiary 0.14 100.00
Jericho Gate for Real Estate Investment Subsidiary  49.36  50.00
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