Investment Strategy

PADICO HOLDING’s investment strategy is based on three main pillars: sector diversification, long-term investment, and well-founded partnerships. Our investment team at PADICO HOLDING is well-equipped with the right valuation tools, prudence, market knowledge, and business savvy to be a leader in identifying promising business opportunities in Palestine. Since established, PADICO HOLDING has worked diligently to execute large-scale and long-term investments in vital economic sectors.

Partnering with local, regional, and international institutions that have the experience in launching and managing diverse investments and bringing best business practices and cutting-edge technologies to the country remains constantly a cornerstone of PADICO’s investment strategy. In addition, PADICO HOLDING aims to contribute significantly to economic development and job creation in Palestine while ensuring sustainable returns to our shareholders. Our company recognizes that the business environment in Palestine is unique, and has therefore adapted its investment strategy to mitigate risk and to exploit the opportunities the local market has to offer. PADICO HOLDING has remained and will always remain committed to investing in a better future for all Palestinians. 

      Investment Outlook

PADICO HOLDING’s strategy for 2015 is to preserve the gains and achievements of previous years, striving to complete new investments and projects already underway, and preserving enough liquidity and stability for any future uncertainty. The company will work to improve the profitability of all of its holdings, including affiliates and subsidiaries, by streamlining their operations. We also hope to achieve stability in new investment projects underway by strengthening their financial and management capacities, and by creating operational policies resistant to any potential external factors.

PADICO HOLDING also seeks to strengthen its internal structure in the following ways:


  • Preparing contingency plans to handle any political instability.
  • Enhancing partnerships with the government by joining forces to implement investments in infrastructure projects.
  • Enhancing partnerships with private sector entities by virtue of inclusion of new partners in the new investments of PADICO HOLDING.
  • Continued practice of the principles of good governance and transparency.
  • Human resource skill development for our staff.
  • Effective guidance and support to the national efforts to create a favorable investment environment, investment promotion activities, and branding of Palestine abroad aim to attract foreign direct investment to Palestine, engagement with other stakeholders in the community such as labor unions, trade associations and all segments of society to remain part of the ongoing social and economic dialogue taking place in the country.
  • Empowering new social investments and engagements and creating impact and through PADICO HOLDNG’s community interventions.

Investment Landscape

PADICO HOLDING has diversified its investments across various vital economic sectors in Palestine. These sectors include:


  • Real Estate
  • Industry & Agriculture
  • Services (Telecommunications, Financial & Banking)
  • Infrastructure & Environment
  • Tourism
  • Others

The investments are grouped into three major categories according to the degree of influence and ownership stake:


  • Subsidiary Investments: PADICO HOLDING’s share exceeds 50%, granting its control over the subsidiary company’s decision making processes and governs the financial and operating policies. 
  • Affiliate Investments: PADICO HOLDING owns 20% or more of the capital of the affiliate company, granting an influence on both financial and operational policies. 
  • Investments in Other Companies: PADICO HOLDING owns less than 20% of the capital, and has limited influence in the decision-making process.


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