Executive Management

The Executive Management of PADICO HOLDING supports the company’s current investments and projects; while seeking out new investment opportunities. PADICO HOLDING’s Executive Management also identifies and generates new projects, designs respective financing and administrative structures and assists new projects especially during their start-up phase. The Executive Management aims to build firm working relationships with the public and private sector, in addition to establishing a network of local, regional and international relations with financial and investment communities. It has a primal function to ensure financing sources or schemes are readily available for new projects implemented directly by PADICO HOLDING and by other relevant subsidiary and affiliate companies.

Driven by teamwork and consensus building, PADICO HOLDING’s Executive Management performs its assigned activities in line with an organizational structure that smoothly identifies hierarchical positions, tasks, responsibilities and duties. PADICO HOLDING’s Executive Management houses three major departments and three units: the Finance Department, Investment Department and Sustainability and Public Relations Department, as well as the Shareholders Management Unit, Human Resources Development Unit and Technical Support Unit.

Mr. Samir Hulileh
Chief Executive Officer  

Finance Department

Mr. Amjad Hassoun
Chief Financial Officer

The Finance Department functions according to specific regulations and policies to ensure the accuracy of corporate financial data, in addition to engaging in corporate finance and budgeting activities.


Investment Department

Mr. Kareem Bitar
Department Manager

The Investment Department explores new investment opportunities and identifies potential projects within various economic sectors, thus ensuring the company’s continuous growth, and contributing to the overall development of the Palestinian economy.


Sustainablity & Public Relations Department

Mrs. Rawan Joha
Department Manager

The Sustainability & Public Relations Department fosters and maintains mutually-beneficial relationships between PADICO HOLDING and the public through open and effective communication about company activities. The department is also responsible for managing PADICO HOLDING's corporate social responsibility programs, through which the Company seeks to cultivate a self-empowered, productive, and sustainable society.


Shareholders Management Unit

Mr. Samer Al-Safadi
Head of Unit

The unit functions as the link between the shareholders and PADICO HOLDING. It manages operations and procedures for trading shares on the Palestine Exchange (PEX), distributing dividends and providing shareholders with annual reports and press releases. Additionally, the unit is responsible for preparing necessary arrangements for the regular and irregular annual General Assembly meetings.

Internal Audit Department

Mr. Jihad Zammari
Department Manager

The Internal Audit Department has full autonomy and reports directly to the audit and governance committee of PADICO HOLDING’s Board of Directors. PADICO HOLDING and all its subsidiaries are within the Department's purview in accordance with international standards. Its relationship with the companies was determined by a resolution passed by the Board of Directors and based on the internal audit charter approved by the Board of Directors.

Human Resources Development Unit

Mrs. Rasha Mitwali Khalil
Head of Unit

The Human Resources Development Unit is responsible for the recruitment process, employees’ daily needs, and certain planning activities. The department is also in charge of regulating the relationship between staff members and the company. It additionally assesses employee training and development needs, setting appropriate plans and strategies for upgrading and fostering performance. In this manner, the department aims to achieve the company’s goal of strengthening the competitiveness of staff by developing their skills, raising their efficiency and increasing their productivity in the workplace.


Technical Support Unit

Mr. Ziad Tafesh
Head of Unit

The Technical Support Unit strives to improve the use of technology in the workplace, in addition to establishing and regulating the technical aspects of the workflow. The unit also provides support services for all corporate departments in the field of information and communication technology.


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