Our Company 

PADICO HOLDING is a limited public shareholding company traded on the Palestine Exchange (PEX) with a paid-in capital of USD 250 million. Since its inception in 1993, its mission has been to develop and strengthen the Palestinian economy by investing in vital economic sectors. This mission was initiated by several Palestinian and Arab investors who had a clear patriotic goal, and a belief that the Palestinian market represents a unique business opportunity that could offer substantial returns.

The company’s shareholder base grew from 710 shareholders in 1998 to about 8230 shareholders in 2015, attracting institutional investors and funds from the MENA region and from well-established international markets in Europe. Today, PADICO HOLDING has grown its portfolio of investments to include almost every sector that is vital to nation building, with returns emanating from these investments that are rewarding for the shareholders. These sectors include telecommunications, tourism, real estate, energy and environment, manufacturing, finance and capital markets and agriculture.

PADICO HOLDING’s founders and shareholders seek to be a source of inspiration for other investors in order to ensure a generational commitment to nation building for many years to come. Although focused on Palestine and its economic potential, PADICO HOLDING maintains international standards and business practices, benefits from the experience of founders from across the region, and remains focused in its determination to forge ahead in building a nation.  

Our Values and Mission

PADICO HOLDING steadfastly adheres to the founders’ mission of contributing to the development of Palestine and its economy. As such it continues to reaffirm to its commitment to the founders, affiliates, subsidiaries and shareholders. The most important means for PADICO HOLDING’s involvement in Palestine is through implementation of investment projects in vital sectors, which lead to job creation; pioneering economic initiatives for the nation; and partnerships between both the public and private sectors. This position has enabled the company to play a key role in attracting local and international investors to invest in Palestine. 

PADICO HOLDING is equally committed to its social and moral obligations towards its employees, the local and international communities. The Company follows high standards within its corporate value system and embraces strong corporate governance principles that are compliant with global best practices. As a leading national company, PADICO HOLDING abides by an ethical code of conduct throughout all of its professional activities, aiming to ensure good citizenship practices and work dedication. Additionally, the company continuously endeavors to enhance its internal work environment, adopt responsible investment projects, and implement community development initiatives.

Our Business Model

PADICO HOLDING fulfills its mission and vision of advancing the Palestinian economy through a group of affiliate and subsidiary companies that invest in the main economic sectors, while maintaining the strategic direction of the company. The company’s ability to generate profits and income are mainly dependent on the performance of these affiliates and subsidiaries. 

The sectors PADICO HOLDING invests in include: real estate,telecommunications, tourism, industry, agriculture, infrastructure, financial services and the environment sectors. The company’s strategy for its investments relies on sector and regional diversification has enabled it to thrive and become a leading investment and development company in Palestine.

Our Advantage

PADICO HOLDING is unique compared to other Palestinian and international corporate entities for many reasons, including its diverse board of directors and their seasoned experience across various economic sectors. Also, the company invests in leading large-scale projects that assure sustainability in earnings and cash flows. The company has employed a shrewd, longterm investment strategy since its establishment, premised on sector and investment diversification,  allowing it to adapt to the challenging circumstances in Palestine.

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