A new vision for community responsibility has evolved in response to an urgent social and development need. Since its founding, PADICO HOLDING has been governed by an unyielding set of values and principles insisting that all commercial investment activity must be paralleled with community social investment for Palestine. The company therefore places a great deal of importance on its community programs. This responsibility is an innate part of its corporate citizenship, and a voluntary act of commitment to the community and its values and practices. The company’s programs include:  

PADICO HOLDING considers the diversity in the Palestinian community including the different textures of the cultural scenes , as well as the range of intellectual and social ideologies as the Company’s vision is based on these elements which make up the fundamentals of a society. Thus, PADICO HOLDING sees its role towards the society is empowering excellence in many sectors,


Education & Entrepreneurship

PADICO HOLDING believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and that access to a quality education is critical to any society that hopes to provide opportunities to its youth. Our company has therefore expanded its efforts to support Palestinian education and entrepreneurship.  In addition to our support for scholarships to exceptional students, PADICO HOLDING has partnered with other Palestinian organizations in an effort to directly improve Palestinian higher education, and to cultivate entrepreneurial ventures.  A list of our education & entrepreneurship programs is below.


  • Tamayyaz: PADICO HOLDING has decided to channel all of the company’s financial contribution to community investments into the flagship Tamayyaz community development program. This initiative focuses on the education skills gap, leadership skills, and entrepreneurship, and it engages all the stakeholders involved, even from other initiatives, in order to avoid overlap, duplication, and wasted resources. Tamayyaz is a multi disciplinary program that will supplement Palestinian university curricula. It will involve professional skills training program for third and fourth year students, lectures on life skills by successful role models from different sectors, field trips to private sector organizations for hands on experiences, cultivation of academic skills in selected disciplines such as math, science, engineering, and ICT in order to tie the academic training with real life skills needed by the job market, career guidance, and promotion of good citizenship and volunteering. 
  • Al-Watani Awalan: PADICO HOLDING created Al Watani Awalan, an initiative designed to support Palestinian producers and craftspeople by having Palestinian hotels agree to begin sourcing their products from local producers and women’s cooperatives instead of from foreign producers, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
  • Jerusalem Youth Summit: PADICO HOLDING conducted a workshop for students and recent graduates in the areas of public relations, marketing, and presentation skills at the 2012 Jerusalem Youth Summit. The event was sponsored by the Palestinian Vision organization and the British Council, and brought together over 200 young men and women for training in entrepreneurship and business development.
  • University-Private Sector Conference: PADICO HOLDING supported a conference at Birzeit University on ways that Palestinian universities could work with the private sector to close the gap between the skills of graduates and the needs of the Palestinian economy. 
  • Oasis 500: PADICO HOLDING partnered with other members of the private sector and civil society to bring the Oasis 500 investment and development company to Palestine. Oasis 500 provides investment, training, and advice to help entrepreneurial Palestinians turn their ideas into businesses. 
  • Sharek Youth Summit: The Sharek Youth Forum helps young Palestinians engage society by serving as a platform for youth initiatives, programs and projects in Palestine. Their 2012 summit, to which PADICO HOLDING contributed, brought together over 500 youth leaders, government officials, private sector leaders, and national and international organizations to discuss issues relevant to the youth of Palestine. 
  • Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS): PADICO HOLDING sponsored the Yusif A. Sayigh Development Lecture by Professor Isam Shahrour on the role of higher education and research institutions in responding to the challenges and opportunities for economic and territorial development. 
  • Give Palestine: PADICO HOLDING sponsored the construction of a children's library in Jerusalem in cooperation with Give Palestine, an organization devoted to supporting at-risk Palestinian populations. 
  • Scholarships: In addition to supporting a number of financially disadvantaged students, PADICO HOLDING makes annual contributions to the the President Abbas Scholarship Fund and the Khalil Rasheed Areikat foundation, which provide scholarships to Palestinian university students.     



PADICO HOLDING has also contributed to the celebration of Palestinian culture. Nation building is not only about infrastructure and development projects; it is also about building local talent and preserving the cultural identity of the society. As such, funding cultural events and initiatives is a main component of the company’s responsibility. Some of the cultural events that PADICO HOLDING supported and encouraged include: 


  • “Traces” Exhibition: an exhibition held and organized by PADICO HOLDING in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the artists Pension Fund, French Institute in Jerusalem. The exhibition presented 52 artists from the Gaza Strip, and the money from sold artworks is directly given to the artists.
  • "State of Palestine"postal stamp for the Palestine Post
  • The Palestine International Festival for Dance and Music
  • The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music  - The Palestine Youth Orchestra
  • Ashtar Theater - the Shakespeare in Palestine play
  • Variety of other exhibitions and Children’s cultural events
  • Journalists Club of Jerusalem (LOOK UP)
  • Al-Mada Music Therapy Center - Mclaughin Hussein Jazz Concert
  • TEDx Ramallah
  • Khalid Jerrar - Journey 110 Documentary
  • Khalil Sakakini Center - Renovation of Mahmoud Darwish’s office
  • The Young Artists Forum



We operate in a society that experiences regular turmoil and hardship. PADICO HOLDING is often called upon to provide relief or emergency intervention. Although we have limited resources for such assistance, we do not close the door on charity. The company, however, prefers to focus long-term social investments that are sustainable rather than on immediate emergency efforts that do not leave a lasting impact.

This Ramadan, PADICO HOLDING participated in the Save Our People in Syria initiative by donating eighty tons of foodstuffs to Palestinians living in Syrian refugee camps. Our company also supported a range of initiatives that provided support for the disabled and the elderly. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

PADICO HOLDING receives many requests for sponsorship of various events, initiatives, and projects. However, the company seeks to focus its efforts by only supporting events that are closely in line with our areas of focus (below). PADICO HOLDING will only review sponsorship requests that fall within these areas. 

Our sponsorship target the following areas of focus: 


  • Initiatives to support education
  • Initiatives to empower job creation and promote entrepreneurship
  • support culture and arts
  • sponsorships
  • Branding and marketing events for Palestine
  • charity

All requests should be sent in writing with one month advance notice. Requests submitted without enough lead time will not be reviewed, as PADICO HOLDING’s internal process for approval and reviews cannot be rushed or compromised. Applicants can expect a written response from the company after a minimum of one week. 

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