Our Corporate Social Responsibility

“PADICO HOLDING remains committed to making investments in socially and environmentally conscious projects, driving employee and community development, and leading a sustainable Palestinian economy.”

PADICO HOLDING operates in an unstable environment subject to extreme political uncertainty and socio-economic pressures. This has influenced the Company’s management approach and strategic outlook. Our investment strategy must emphasize long-term stability and growth over short-term profits, especially where the environment and local community are concerned. The Company has therefore invested in environmentally conscious waste management and infrastructure projects, and has developed a number of community development initiatives that seek to cultivate Palestine’s human capital. PADICO HOLDING is also a proud member of the UN Global Compact. 

PADICO HOLDING has based its commitment to the community on the two main visions; First: sectors that support sustainable development , and second: long-term strategy in order to achieve a tangible impact that is reflected on diverse societal segments.



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