Conferences & Workshops

PADICO HOLDING’s Board of Director and Executive Management have been regular contributors and speakers in the following local, regional and international conferences and workshops:


  • Palestine Investment Conference
  • Palestinian Capital Market Forum
  • Investments in Jerusalem Conference
  • Palestinian Human resources Development Conference
  • “The National Conference to promote employment opportunities” Hebron – 2013
  • The First Conference on Economic Media in Palestine - 2013
  • A workshop on “Unemployment and Job Creation” - 2013
  • A workshop titled “Unemployment Among Jerusalemite Youth” , organized by PADICO HOLDING and in cooperation with Ougarit Group and Education for Employment Organization.
  • “Business forum and Career Day in Palestine” - 2013

Regional & International 

  • PADICO HOLDING's Chairman of the Board, Munib R. Masri, and CEO, Samir Hulileh, both spoke at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Middle East Summit in Jordan in 2012. The WEF is an international organization devoted to bringing political, business, and civil society leaders together to shape global, regional, agendas in a way that will improve the state of world. PADICO HOLDING's Chairman and CEO also participated in WEF summits in Davos, Switzerland and Marrakech, Morocco.  
  • PADICO HOLDING participated in the first ever meeting of the Middle East International Relations Society hosted by the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in November 2012. The goal of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of a Society 'Code of Best Practice' which will be presented at the ME-IR Society Annual Awards Conference on November 29th.
  • PADICO HOLDING's Chairman of the Board, Munib R. Masri, and Board member Zahi Khoury both wrote opinion pieces challenging comments made by then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, which suggesting that Palestinians are culturally inferior to their Israeli neighbors. The New York Times published Mr. Masri's article, titled, "Occupation, Not Culture, Is Holding Palestinians Back," on 3 August 2012. Mr Khoury's article ran in the Washington Post on 10 August 2012 under the title, "The Palestine Romney Doesn't Know." 
  • PADICO HOLDING CEO Samir Hulileh spoke at the 2012 Global Empowerment Meeting at Harvard University's center for International Development. The event focused on examining the the dramatic shifts in strategies to create prosperity, understanding the dynamics of innovative and impactful initiatives, and empowering disadvantaged populations. 
  • PADICO HOLDING participated in the 6th Annual Harvard Arab Weekend. The four-day event reviewed a range of issues and challenges that are facing the Middle East as a result of the political revolutions in that region. PADICO helped to sponsor the weekend's Business Day as part of the Company's ongoing partnership with the Harvard Business School's Middle East and North Africa club. PADICO HOLDING also took part in last year's Harvard Arab Weekend.
  • World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa at the Dead Sea – 2013
  • Global Conference "Form 2000" in the Czech Republic – 2013
  • Third Annual High-Level Anti-Corruption Conference for G20 Governments and Business
  • The 9th Annual EFG Hermes conference in Dubai – 2013
  • “Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment” Conference in Amman – 2013
  • The 5th Annual conference for “Middle East Investor Relations Society” in Dubai – 2013
  • An advanced training at Harvard University titled "Evidence to Improve Social Program Effectiveness" - 2013


        PADICO HOLDING also supported or participated in the following: 

  • Palestine Exchange Road Shows: Chile, UK
  • Water Conference , Dubai
  • Palestinian Russian Business Council, Russia
  • Palestine International Business Forum, Sweden
  • UNRWA Annual Meeting, Jordan
  • Second Mediterranean Business Form, Italy
  • Turkish Palestinian Joint Business Council
  • Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries


To embody the importance partnerships between the private sector and the Palestinian universities and its role in supporting education, PADICO HOLDING sponsored a study entitled “Innovative University–Industry Partnerships: Comparative Analysis And Competitive Impact On The Palestinian Private Sector” conducted in cooperation with the Faculty of Commerce and Economics Department of Business Administration at Birzeit University and was presented at a University Interaction Conference in Amsterdam. Additionally, the study was discussed in a workshop help by PADICO HOLDING in partnership with Birzeit University and the British Council under the title of “Assessing Impact of Initiatives Directed Towards Enhanced Competitiveness”.


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