Our Thought Leadership


In addition to investing in Palestine’s development, PADICO HOLDING believes that it must contribute to the nation’s intellectual well-being by offering expert opinions on topics that pre-occupy the national agenda. In past years, PADICO HOLDING and its representatives have created and partaken in conferences, submitted papers, offered speeches, and lead initiatives aimed at providing the various stakeholders with the company’s knowledge  and experience on matters related to development and nation building.

As part of the global economic system and because it affects and is affected by the political and economic changes in the world, PADICO HOLDING has a strong presence locally and internationally to showcase its entrepreneurial vision, discuss outstanding issues, challenges, and benefit from the experiences of others. The Company is inspired by the success stories in Palestine and it utilizes them to achieve sustainability and economic growth.


Economic and business development has been the mainstay of PADICO HOLDING’s thought leadership contribution.


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