PADICO HOLDING is strongly committed to its employees, and continuously works to provide a healthy environment where employees can thrive, grow, and excel. Our company aims to achieve this objective through sound employment practices and active community engagement. The company and all of its subsidiaries and affiliates abide by all the applicable Palestinian labor laws, which are in harmony with international labor standards set by the International Labor Organization. Particularly, PADICO HOLDING devotes special attention to the elimination of discrimination with respect to employment and occupation, abolishing all forms of child labor and ensuring that all forms of compulsory or forced labor are eradicated.  

Code of ethics

At PADICO HOLDING, our code of ethics aims to clarify the organization's mission, values and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct. We believe that this is crucial to ensuring integrity and creating a culture of compliance, respect, and harmony amongst our team members. All employees are required to review the corporate Code of Conduct in order to comprehend professional and ethical expectations associated with performing their duties and responsibilities. 

PADICO HOLIDING’s code of conduct reflects the covenant that our company has made to uphold corporate values in dealing with matters such as our commitment to employees, standards for doing business, and our relationship with the community. All of our staff, employees, and members of the executive management are mandated to conform to the principles outlined in the Code of Conduct, and must ensure that business activities and work responsibilities are carried in a highly ethical manner. 

Training and Capacity Building

PADICO HOLDING cares greatly about the professional and personal development of its employees. We frequently offer training courses on topics ranging from computer and office management skills, to communications, to finance and accounting, to English language. Employees are often encouraged to take training programs in fields different from their own so that they can better understand other aspects of our business. Our company also hopes to promote our employees’ physical wellbeing. In 2012, the company hired a professional nutritionist to help members of our professional community to live healthier lives. We believe that this will not only make PADICO HOLDING a more satisfying and enriching place to work, but that it will also improve employee productivity.

Individual & Corporate Volunteerism

PADICO HOLDING encourages its staff to do volunteer work both as individuals and as employees. The company has begun instilling a culture of civic responsibility in its employees by allowing them to do volunteer work during business hours, and it is also considering making such work part of the job evaluation system. PADICO HOLDING employees have already begun donating their time to a number of organizations including INJAZ Palestine, which promotes professional skills and entrepreneurship amoung Palestinian youth, and the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, which provides free surgeries to Palestinian children who do not otherwise have access to adequate medical treatment.


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