Mr. Omar Bitar

Board Member and Representative of the Palestine Company for the Transfer of Technology


  • Mr. Bitar is a recently retired PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) partner. He served as PwC's Head of Advisory in the Middle East, and until very recently, was that company's Middle East Emerging Markets' Leader. Mr. Bitar has extensive experience in operational and financial advisory, auditing, privatization and corporate restructuring, and organizational transformation, particularly in the Middle East markets.

  • Mr. Bitar's professional life began in auditing in 1984 with Arthur Andersen LLP, where he gained experience auditing businesses from a range of major industries including financial services, hospitality, entertainment, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture, and services. In 1994, Mr. Bitar transitioned to financial and management consulting work. He was invited to build Arthur Andersen's consulting practice in the Middle East in 1997. He became Head of Consulting in the Middle East, and eventually Head of Advisory for Ernst & Young when that company merged with Andersen Middle East in 2002. In 2009, Mr. Bitar migrated his team to PwC where he led major management reform initiatives.

  • Mr. Bitar Graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors of Science in Finance & Banking, and is certified as a Public Accountant in the United States, Jordan, and Palestine. He also holds a certification in Corporate Finance and is certified as a Master Financial Manger in the US.