Mr. Ziad M. Turk,

Secretary General

  • Mr. Turk has held various posts in the field of aviation in several countries. He also occupies a number of managerial posts in contracting, agriculture and transportation. Mr. Turk was the Deputy Director General of ASTRA Contracting Co. and Director General of ASTRA Transportation Co.

  • Mr. Turk is a board member of several public shareholding companies in Jordan and Palestine, including Rum Agricultural Co and Palestine Exchange (PEX). He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Palestine Real Estate Investment Co. (PRICO), Head of PRICO Audit Committee, and Vice-Chairman of Palestine Tourism Investment Co. (PTIC). Additionally, Mr. Turk is a member of the Audit Committee of PADICO HOLDING.

  • Mr. Turk graduated in 1971 with a US FAA CPL, INS from the USA. He also holds other degrees in business administration.