Palestine Power Generation Co. PLC (PPGC)


PPGC was incorporated in 2010 to establish the first power station in the Northern West Bank. The investment initiative comes as part of the Energy Authority’s plans to meet the growing needs for energy in Palestine.

The Energy Authority has signed an agreement with the Palestine Power Generating Company (PPGC) to conduct this project. The investment in the station is expected to exceed USD 300 million (USD 120m equity and USD 180m debt). The new power plant will produce 200 megawatts of electricity during the first stage, is expected to reach 400 megawats at a later stage, and aims to meet approximately one third of the West Bank’s requirements. The construction process is expected to last for three years.

A number of Palestinian private sector players are involved in the PPGC – including the Palestine Electricity Company (PEC), PADICO HOLDING (20% ownership), Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), and others.

Prospective Projects

PPGC was created to:

  • Construct, install, operate, and control of power generation plant in the West bank with a generation capacity of a minimum of 200 MW using gas as a primary fuel.
  • Prepare a technical program for the operation and maintenance of the power plant.
  • Enter into purchase and transfer agreements with PENRA power transmission companies in Palestine and surrounding countries.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Walid Salman, Chairman
  • Mr. Samir Hulileh, Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Mohammad Mustafa
  • Mr. Tarek Aqqad
  • Mr. Hashim Shawa
  • Mr. Rajeh Tloul
  • Mr. Shukri Bishara
  • Mr. Sharhabeel Al-Zaeem
  • Mr. Thomas Langford
  • Mr. Hemmat Safwat

General Manager
Mr. Walid Salman

Contact Information  
Tel : +96265805160
Fax : +96265805161
P.O.Box : 830392 Amman- Jordan
Email :


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