Palestine Electric Company (PEC)


PEC was established in 1999 with a paid in capital of USD 60 million. The main objectives of PEC are to establish electricity generating plants in the territories of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and to carry out all the operations necessary for the production and generation of electricity.

PEC owns 1% of the Palestine Electric Company P.L.C, which in turn owns 99.99% of Gaza Power Generating Private Limited Company (GPGC). PEC is listed in the Palestine Exchange (PEX) since March 28th, 2004.

Highlights and Current Projects

PEC has an exclusive right from the PNA to provide capacity and generate electricity in Gaza for sale to entities owned or controlled by the PNA for 20 years following commercial operation of its power plant with the opportunity to continue for up to two additional consecutive five-year periods. Commercial operations started in 2004.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Said Khoury, Chairman
  • Mr. Shokri Bshara
  • Mr. Walid Salman
  • Mr. Mohammad Mustafa
  • Mr. Hani Ali
  • Mr. Tareq Aggad
  • Mr. Nabil G. Sarraf
  • Mr. Samir Shawwa
  • Mr. Marwan Saloom
  • Mr. Khalid Alassily
  • Mr. Faisal Al-Shawwa
  • Mr. Farouq AlEfranji
  • Mr. Eyad Bassal
  • Mr. Sharhabeel Al Zaeem
  • Mr. Azzam Al-Shawwa

CEO/General Manager
Mr. Walid Salman

Contact Information  
Tel : +972(8) 2888600
Fax : +972(8) 2888607
P.O.Box : 1336 Gaza- Palestine
Email :


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