Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment (Nakheel)

Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment was established by a number of PADICO HOLDING’s subsidiaries in March 2010 as a private limited shareholding company with capital of USD 11 million. The company’s main mission is to develop the Palestinian date production industry and produce high quality dates for export to foreign markets, especially Europe.

The Palestinian date industry is still in its infancy despite the high level of demand, which currently exceeds supply. Palestinian dates, therefore, do not yet have a substantial foreign market share.

The project represents the largest Majdool date plantation in Palestine established over a total land area of 3,000 dunums. In 2012, the company finished planting 22,200 palm trees ranging in age from three to six years. A large number of the trees became productive during 2012, resulting in a harvest of 170 tons of dates. That amount is expected to double in 2013. Planting will be completed by 2014, when the total number of palm trees will reach 36,000. The company also began to export the bulk of its produce to countries including Turkey, Europe, and the United States.

In addition to advanced palm plantations, the company owns a packing and packaging factory and storage refrigerators in Jericho. Nakheel Palestine also owns the “Jericho Dates” and “Moon City” brands.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Samir Hulileh, Chairman
  • Mr. Abdullah Sharawi
  • Ms. Huda Aljack
  • Mr. Jaafar Abu-Libdeh
  • Mr. Fouad Al-Najjab

General Manager

Mr. Zuheir Al-Manasra

Contact Information

Fax:                +970 (0) 2 232 0791

P.O Box:         P.O. Box 18, Jericho, Palestine




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