Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company


PADICO HOLDING, PALTEL Group and PRICO established Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Co. at the beginning of 2011 with initial capital of JOD 35 million. The company has completed the purchase of 3000 dunums of land at Nabi Mousa on the southern entrance of Jericho. It has also completed registration procedures and received land ownership certificates from the Jericho Land Authority. During 2012, the company also prepared most of the technical studies required for the project, such as those for water, energy, soil, and other technical studies.

Jericho Gate is a residential and tourism project which will be the first of its kind in Palestine and will include tourist and entertainment facilities comprising villas, hotels, resorts, a sports city, amusement and water parks, malls and other facilities. The project targets foreign and local tourism in Palestine. An international advisory body was assigned to prepare the concept design of the project. The initial structural plan has been completed and the detailed master plan should be delivered during the first half of 2013. Construction of the project’s basic infrastructure is expected to begin during the third quarter of 2013.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Samir O. Hulileh ,Chairman
  • Mr. Ammar Aker Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Kamil Sadeddin
  • Mr. Nabil Sarraf
  • Mr. Zahi Khoury
  • Mr. Salameh Khalil


Contact Information  
Tel : +970-2-2316163/4
Fax : +970-2-2316162
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